I have worked with Westech Engineers on a variety of projects over the last 15 years or so. Many of them have been school projects, ranging from a new middle school / elementary school campus that required construction of a new street and bridge as well as wetlands mitigation, to relatively simple parking lot re-paving projects. In addition to providing us with the construction documents we needed, they also provided the necessary land surveying as well as construction cost estimates.

I have found Westech to be a great partner on these projects. They ask the right questions, think through the details, work well with the local jurisdictions, and product product construction documents that are clear and easy to understand. They are very knowledgeable, and i would highly recommend them.

John Shirley – Anderson Shirley Architects, Inc.

Westech Engineering has completed many civil engineering projects for Chemeketa Community College at several of our campuses. The projects have ranged from master planning and cost estimating, to parking lot rehabilitation, and new campus site improvements. In addition to civil engineering services with a vision for minimizing not only constructability costs, but long term maintenance and life cycle costs of our infrastructure. In addition, they not only focus on the task at hand, but look a the big picture to ensure that these improvements will be beneficial now and in the future. Westech has a good grasp of the potential conflicts that can occur between construction and college campus life, including schedule, project access, project staging, and construction timing.

I can without hesitation, recommend Westech Engineering for projects and services similar to those described above.

Philip Wright, P.E. – Director of Capital Projects and Real Property – Chemeketa Community College

I have recently been conducting our annual employee evaluations with my staff and one of the items that has come up consistently during these reviews is how much we all rely on Denny to be successful in our jobs. I am constantly bragging about how great this staff is and how fortunate the citizens of Lafayette are, and i think i need to include Denny in this praise. He is great to work with and has a wealth of knowledge of the city that he is always willing to share. His attention to detail and prompt response to all of our needs are great assets to not only us, but your firm as well.

I have enjoyed my relationship with Westech that is now approaching twenty years. I know i can always rely on John and everyone else at the firm to offer me guidance when needed. It just seemed appropriate to me that we should share our admiration of Denny with you and let you know what an asset your firm has in Denny.

Diane J. Rinks – City Administrator – City of Lafayette

Westech Engineering has been the Engineering firm for the City of Philomath for more than 25 years. They cover major City projects as well as engineering consulting and many aspects of City infrastructure and operating needs. …I have always had positive interactions with the employees at Westech.  Everyone from the engineers, CAD drafting staff and clerks has always proven to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help in any way they can.  Projects have always been on budget and in some instances even below budget. I believe their expertise and guidance in many fields has proven to be a cost savings to the City of Philomath.

Kevin Fear – Public Works Director, City of Philomath

Westech Engineering Inc. was selected to perform final design services for the City of Wilsonville “Segment 3B Water Transmission Pipeline” project. This $2.5M project included approximately 2500 feet of 48″ diameter steel pipe, a new Pressure Reducing Valve vault, and significant environmental issues…Westech in general and Mr. Blumanthal in particular provided outstanding service throughout the design phase, and were therefore also retained to perform construction phase service. During design, Westech and Mr. Blumanthal were very responsive to the City’s needs, coordinated extensively with Wilsonville engineering and distribution system, as well as Water Treatment Plant personnel and City of Sherwood personnel to ensure operational issues were identified and addressed…I would not hesitate to use Westech, and Peter Blumanthal again in the future, and I have no reservations recommending them to other municipal clients.

Eric Mende, P.E. – Capital Projects Engineering Manager, City of Wilsonville

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