Fairview Addition Refinement Plan Stormwater Design

Project Name: Fairview Addition Refinement Plan Stormwater Design
Owner: Olsen Design & Development
Location: Salem, Oregon

The Fairview Addition subdivision is located on the grounds of the former Fairview Training Center in southeast Salem.  When the State of Oregon sold the property the zoning was changed to provide for environmentally friendly development under special provisions of the Salem development code.  Each new project is required to submit a refinement plan that addresses all key elements of the proposed development, of which stormwater is a key.  The stormwater component of the Fairview Addition Refinement plan addressed over 65 acres in area divided into four separate basins with a total of nearly 100 contributing drainage nodes to be calculated.  The analysis was required to demonstrate the ability to meet City of Salem stormwater quality requirements, with an emphasis on green infrastructure treatment, as well as detention for several different storm events.

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