Oregon State Correctional Institution Fire System Upgrade

Project Name: Oregon State Correctional Institution Fire System Upgrade
Owner: Oregon Department of Corrections 
Location: Salem, Oregon

Project Description: OSCI’s fire system was supplied from an onsite pond which the fire department considered unsuitable for use due to risks to the fire department pumping equipment.  To remedy that problem this project connected the OSCI fire lines to the adjacent DPSST facility (also designed by Westech) which is connected to the City of Salem public water system.  The project included the installation of over 2,300 lineal feet of waterline from 6-inch to 12-inch in size, plus the replacement of existing valves and hydrants.  DOC’s originally expected to replace the existing fire lines, but based on information provided to Westech from DOC showing the age and type of existing lines, Westech recommended keeping the lines in service significantly reducing project costs.  Fire line sizing and performance was determined using a water distribution system computer model that included the local portions of the City of Salem system plus the DPSST and OSCI fire system lines.

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