Fairview Industrial Park

Project Name: Fairview Industrial Park
Owner: City of Salem
Location: Salem, Oregon

Project Description: Westech provided planning and design for the development of a 135-acre industrial park. The project was fast tracked for the City of Salem with 80 sheets of drawings and over 6,000 feet of street and utility improvements completed in less than 3 months. Utility improvements included a 36-inch diameter railroad bore, 12, 16 & 24-inch water lines, various storm drainage facilities ranging in size from 10-inch diameter pipes to a 4 foot by 10 foot box culvert, sanitary sewer piping, power, telephone, TV, gas and street lighting. Permits from the Oregon Division of State Lands, Corps of Engineers, Union Pacific Railroad and Oregon Department of Transportation were also fast tracked through the various agencies. Special considerations involved approximately 45 acres of wetland mitigation, alignment with an I-5 overpass, and the 490-acre upstream catchment area draining through the park.

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